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Lillian Nordica

Lillian Nordica (1857-1914) was the first American woman to achieve international stardom during the glamorous “Golden Age” of Opera. She sang for presidents and crowned heads as well as regular folk. The concept of “celebrity” was born as her career evolved.

Lillian Nordica

2020 Nordica Day Concert


This year's Nordica Day Concert, which normally occurs on August 17, has been cancelled due to COVID-19.  The auditions for this year's Nordica Scholarship did take place, however, and resulted in a tie.  The winners will perform NEXT AUGUST  along with the scholarship winner in 2021.  This year's winners are Kaleigh Hunter of Saco, and Emma Jones of South Portland.  Ms. Hunter is a student of Dr. Malinda Haslett, and Ms. Jones is a student of Mary Johnston Letellier.   

Visit the Nordica Homestead Museum—June 1st–September 15th—Tuesday–Sunday 1 p.m.–5 p.m.

116 Nordica Lane—Farmington, ME—207-778-2042